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Q&A Meebo Im

Q&A Login

  1. Why can i not login to my registered account?

    Please check your password and your email to make sure that you have put it in Exactly the way you registered it.

    I checked and its all correct but i still can not login ?

    Are you sure you havent broken any rules and gotten your account locked?If so please contact site Admin/Site Moderator and discuss it with them.Please be patient.

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Q&A Posting

  1. My posts/Comments is not showing,why is that?

    You have to be a full member of this site for your posts to show.That means you have to have someone approve your account before you are a full member.

    Give it some time and your account should be activated

  2. Why was my comment removed?

    One word. Rules

    Most of the time your post has been removed to enforce the rules of the site.Meaning your post was in some way breaking/bending the rules and you got caught.Unless you got a warning from site Admin/Moderators you don't have to worry about it.

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Q&A Meebo Im

  1. I can not see instant messages what do i do ?

    Make sure you have your popup blocker inactivated and reload the page.

    If it still is not working feel free to contact Site Admin/Moderator for further information.

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Q&A Facebook connect

  1. Is it possible for me to connect my facebook/twitter/myspace account to this site?

    The answer is Yes.

    If there is the need/interest in this from members/users we can add a app that allows you to connect this site to facebook and other social sites.

    Feel free to post your interest in the designated thread about this in the forums.

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